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Siemens introduces kit for checking HVAC energy meters
  The mobile check metering kit contains the clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter Sitrans FUE1010 along with transducers, 1000 Ohm platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) and cables required for measurement of district energy cooling and chilled water applications as well as power plants. The check metering kit includes a four-hour battery, enabling users to easily measure flow through air handlers and fan coil units without the inconvenience of a power cord.

S  ince the check metering kit can measure two flows simultaneously and also provides a kW input via a 4-20mA from electrical chillers, it can be used for chiller efficiency analysis to detect inefficient or underperforming systems. Its ability to measure the evaporator and condenser flows along with supply and return temperature and kW enables superior chiller performance analysis. Output variables include kW/ton, COP (Coefficient of Performance) and EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio).
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